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The Saguaro Saxes are part of the West Valley Wind Ensemble (WVWE).  They provide music in smaller venues for audiences who request a personal and more casual performance.  As a Saxophone Ensemble, they bring a unique sound to our programs demonstrating the beauty and the versatility of instruments in the Saxophone family.

The Sax Family

By size: contrabass, bass, baritone, tenor, alto,

soprano, sopranino, soprillo.

Members of Saguaro Saxes play several of the instruments from the Sax family.

You can hear them rehearsing  “Amazing Grace” by clicking on the link below.


For more information call:

Jim Wise. text/phone at 602-625-5211, Dave Lima  text/phone at 508-272-1311 or  Shirlee Lansing  651-402-5000


From left to right - Mike Irons, Tim Price, Paul Engebretson, Ray Foster, Del Lloyd and Jim Wise.

Not in picture - Gary Hyslop, Dave Huddleston, Steve Silverberg and Jim Spence.